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Ghosts of Thailand

Explore the Ghosts and Spirits of Thailand

Whether you believe in Ghosts or are a skeptic, there is no denying that the paranormal has a profound effect on the Thai society and their everyday lives. It is so ingrained in their culture that what may appear to be strange or bizarre for people from a Western culture is just accepted as normal for the majority of Thai society. The strong belief in Ghosts and Spirits affect every aspect of Thai life, from their religious beliefs, TV programs/ films and can even influence business - most businesses will have a Spirit house installed and provide offerings of food and gifts to placate the Ghosts and Spirits that may dwell in their property and attract good luck.

Here is a fun advert from a Thai company which uses Ghosts to good effect in selling their product and also gives a brief insight into the many types of Ghosts and Spirits that are said to inhabit Thailand:


Ghosts - Fact or Fiction?

If you are a firm believer in Ghosts, Spirits and the Paranormal or are a staunch skeptic it is important to understand that Thai's beliefs should be viewed with an open mind and with due respect. We aim to shed some light on the intriging supernatural world that Thailand has to offer and leave it up to yourself to draw your own conclusions.

Thailand - Land of Spirits

Thailand is often referred to as LOS - Land of Smiles, due to the welcoming smiles of the Thai people, however we like to think that it can equally be referred to as Land of Spirits. On this site we will have divided it into sections

  • Types of Thai Ghosts - from the feared Phi Pob to the more friendly Phi Nang Thani. Read more on the names and types of Ghosts and Spirits which dwell in and around Thailand
  • Spirit Houses - Every Thai home should have one, but what are they and what do they do?
  • Real Ghosts Caught On Camera? - Look at a couple of clips from Thai TV and decide whether real or not
  • Other Customs - delve into the other types of customs and supernatural happenings in Thailand
  • Nang Nak - probably the most well known Thai Ghost Story

Phi, Phee, Pii or Pee

Thais call Ghosts and Spirits Phi, which in Thai is shown by the following symbal: ผี

The alphabet and language of Thailand is tonal and consists of 44 letters as opposed to the 26 in the english alphabet. The way the word is pronounced also denotes the meaning of the word, the word Phi has a dipping and rising tone. As there is no direct translation to the english alphabet you may see many spellings of Phi (pronounced like pea as in garden pea, peanut etc) such as Phi, Phee, Pii, Pee or even Phii but we will just use Phi on this site to avoid confusion. The same will apply to the names of the Ghosts, the spelling may vary dependant on who writes the article but the Ghost will ultimately remain the same.

Not Just Ghosts

There are many weird and wonderful stories in Thai culture, from Mak ga Ree Pon who are small human like creatures that grow from plants to Naga which is a serpant like creature that produces balls of fire that is said to dwell in the Mehkong river in Northern Thailand. Check out more details in the paranormal section